The Bike ’n’ Run event is a duathlon with checkpoints which combines mountain biking and trail running.

  • There will be a girl’s relay race (8 legs) and a boy’s relay race (8 legs).

  • One relay leg includes both trail running and mountain biking.

  • Each competitor must complete one relay leg.

  • Nation’s who cannot field a team with eight competitors, will make use of a virtual competitor time on each leg where there is an injured participant.

  • The virtual competitor’s allocated time will be based on:

    • the slowest collective time of a real runner on the relay leg where there is a missing participant.

    • a time penalty of 10 seconds will also be added.

  • If a competitor does not complete a leg because of a new injury, then a virtual competitor time will replace the injured competitor’s time.(see rule above)

  • Cheating of any kind will result in disqualification.

  • Distance: approximately 1,5 – 2,5km

  • Ground covering: Gravel, grass, forest and some obstacles

  • Route: Signposted route, with fixed checkpoints.

  • Distance: approximately 3 – 5 km

  • Ground covering: gravel and grass

  • Route: Signposted contained route.

  • Only the ’live’ participating competitor may be on the route at any given time.

  • MTB bicycle: each country can choose two bicycles from the size range below.

  • Available sizes are S (160-170 cm), M (170-180 cm), L (180-190 cm), XL (190-200 cm)

  • Once two sizes have been selected then these will be the only bikes available for both the boy’s and girl’s races, that is no changes can be made between the boy’s and girl’s race.